Who rides with us

The entire idea of Advantage Season was created for the friends and business partners of Advantage Cars. Very soon, we opened the experience to anyone who shares a love of beautiful and powerful machines. And now we are joined on our rides both by young people just putting in their first miles and by drivers seasoned with age and experience ‒ male and female alike. Here you can take a look at our history.

What cars you'll see

We drive for experiences. What we enjoy even more than putting the pedal to the floor is experiencing new adventures. And while there is certainly a need for performance in our drives, some like to drive cars that are more elegant, while others prefer a sporty look. It's the sportier cars that are best suited for the Treasure Hunt at the opening of the season, while the sleeker cars stand out more as the season closes. You can get an idea from the photos on the website or in the Advantage Cars offering.

Alone or with a co-pilot

You can go alone or with a copilot. We’re thinking of them, too ‒ which is why all the adventure activities are designed for you to enjoy together. If teams are being formed for a particular ride, then you can make your own arrangements with friends and just let us know in the comment when you register. Or you can rely on the organizers to assign you to a suitable team.

Driving skills

The only requirement is that you should know and be able to handle your car. Each event requires a full day of driving on carefully selected roads of varying difficulty. The scoring covers the performance of the tasks on the roads, so those who opt for a brisk pace may do so, while others might choose a more leisurely pace.

If you’d like to ride with us

It's easy. Choose the ride you want to take part in. Once you submit your application and pay the entry fee, our organizers will include you on the guest list. You will receive an email no later than 10 days before the start of the event containing details about the ride and the location of the event. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have at team@advantageseason.cz or by phone at +420 226 223 003.

Creating a Profile

Your profile will be created automatically once you sign up for the first event. This grants you access to further features of this portal. Crews that participate repeatedly or are customers of Advantage Cars - and thus have their own OneFamily Advantage code - will be shown a discounted fee upon entering it.

If you prefer to be a fan for now, subscribe to our newsletter. This way, we'll stay in touch, and perhaps we'll meet on the roads someday.