2023 Opening: The Heist of the Decade

We're celebrating 10 years of these amazing rides. In grand style. We’ve added an extra day to take our cars up to lakes that touch the sky, all while enjoying winding roads instead of the same old highways. This time the teams set off across the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia in search of secret codes leading to a mafia treasure. It all culminated in the robbery of a giant vault hidden in a luxury hotel, and a breathtaking dinner in the clouds at the top of Skalnaté Pleso. The gala evening with a performance by Dara Rollins also made this an exceptional experience. We promised that this year's event would be bigger, stronger, and more supercharged than ever. And that's exactly what it was.

/ number of teams: 64, kilometers traveled: 1800, realization team: 20

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2022 Closing: Against the Flow

Do you know how many bridges span the Vltava from Prague to the river source? We’ve actually counted them. What's more, we crossed most of them at the first collective close of the season. 2022 was truly successful, and what started as nothing more than an idea has given rise to a new type of ride focused on exploring the beauty of the Czech Republic. We brought together the excitement of new discoveries, interesting destinations, and quality accommodations. We used a mobile app to enable our riders to take part in an interactive quiz. The answers opened the next clues... and a truly original trophy.

/ Number of teams: 35, kilometers traveled: 500, implementation team: 8

2022 Opening: See the Power of the Elements

After two years in which the world ground to a halt ‒ and often the wheels of our cars with it ‒ it’s time to wipe the dust from the hood and continue the tradition of experiential rides together. And while we worked to accommodate the ever-changing rules by keeping to the roads of the Czech Republic, a program inspired by the four elements catapulted this ride to being among our best. Even our most seasoned adventurers found challenges in deciphering ancient clues and obtaining secret ingredients. They succeeded, and that evening we mixed the elixir of eternal youth.

/ Number of teams: 60, kilometers traveled: 900, implementation team: 20

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2021 Meet & Greet: Spa Trail

It's a hot summer and we're off to the cool springs. Though government regulations hampered our plans for the Opening, we want to prepare at least a one-day encounter for the drivers of the Advantage Cars fleet. We're mapping out new roads and exploring the lesser-known corners of western Bohemia. 

/ Number of teams: 30, kilometers traveled: 300, implementation team: 5


2020 Meet & Greet. Camp Fuego.

Why should closed borders mean our cars have to stay in garages, when we have our own country to explore? It would be hard to find a better year for discovering luxury food far from civilization. We're learning to roast quail over a fire, milk a wild cow, and enjoy a luxury outdoor dining experience in the fields.

/ Number of teams: 25, kilometers traveled: 300, implementation team: 5

2019 Meet & Greet: Go East

The first of the easy, two-day rides led through beautiful castles and winding roads to Ostrava's Landek Park, where we ended the day with a gala dinner in the magical surroundings of former mines. 

/ Number of teams: 18, kilometers traveled: 360, implementation team: 5


2019 Opening: Mountain Photo Rally

Thousands of kilometers have proven that everyone is drawn to the same fragrance of distant places, adventure, petrol, and excitement. To help the magic of our events grow, we decided to focus all our efforts on building this web-based experience platform. At first it looked like our traditional spring Opening would be left waiting at the depot. It was the enthusiasm of all of you, our riders, that finally made us quickly attempt the less demanding concept of a photo rally in the German mountains. And the outcome was perfect. We announced the winners of the most original pictures contest in the evening at the beautiful Kempinski designer hotel.

/ Number of teams: 63, kilometers traveled: 1200, implementation team: 20

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2018 Opening. A Fight for Survival in Alpine Passes

Our implementation team built on their experience at the same pace as the participants built up their expectations. We are always looking for better routes, a stronger story, a better system for scoring activities, and a way to surpass the high quality standards of the event. And so, in early May, eighty sports cars headed out onto the beautiful Alpine serpentines, on roads off the main highways, often hidden from the eyes of tourists. The entire event was woven into a post-apocalyptic story, where teams were trained in survival techniques with army instructors. This culminated in a trip through the Austrian Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which had opened mere hours before our arrival. The Sunday go-kart race was the highlight of this high-octane experience.

/ Number of teams: 80, kilometers traveled: 1300, implementation team: 45


2017 Opening. A Sudetenland Detective Ride

As the number of teams continued to increase, it was clear that the need for security and staffing for the event was growing. The implementation team had grown significantly, to almost 40 members. This resulted in a gripping detective story using forensic disciplines such as casting tracks, dusting for fingerprints, and interrogating suspects. We drove the superb Sachsen-Rallye route, slept at the luxurious Westin Bellevue hotel on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden, and finished the second evening at a glamorous dance club with an entire floor reserved for the 160 participants.

/ Number of teams: 80, kilometers traveled: 900, implementation team: 38  


2016 Opening: Adventure in the Tatra Mountains

The third year showed that we had discovered a long-term concept. News of a new combination of mysteries, fabulous roads, interesting places, and fun challenges, combined with the care of the Advantage service team, spread among people at lightning speed. Participant numbers once again surpassed those from the previous year, despite a forecast of heavy rain. This time, a three-day trip was headed to Slovakia. Letisko Žilina was the last waypoint, with a half-mile race. For a few hours the clouds parted, and we experienced some of the strongest emotions.

/ Number of teams: 60, kilometers traveled: 1000, implementation team: 20

2015 Opening: Beyond borders

We entered our second year strengthened by a production team that equipped our teams with passports and sent them into the unknown. Where the journey was headed always became clear upon completing simple tasks. We baked in a bakery, solved puzzles, and were even stopped at the border by “customs”. We ended the one-day event full of excitement and suspense in the Austrian hotel Aigo with a wonderful underground club. It was already clear that day that we were taking the concept in the right direction, even though some of the teams got lost amidst the fields of South Bohemia during the first ride on the itinerary.

/ Number of teams: 40, kilometers traveled: 550, implementation team: 10 

2014 Opening: Our first ride in the Italian style

The first edition started as an idea among a few friends to set out and meet up. We picked a hotel in Špindlerův Mlýn and took 30 teams in Italian cars along with an Italian Michelin chef, calling the event Italiano Spindlerito. We returned home full of excitement from our meeting together. We wanted to repeat the experience and felt that our meetings could have a deeper significance.

/ Number of teams: 30, kilometers traveled: 300, implementation team: 3 

Thanks to you.

Advantage Season Opening has taken on a unique concept, professional support, and space for further development. That's why, as the outcome of our five-year evolution, we have decided to publish a brand-new Advantage Season platform open to all who are born for adventure. And that's where you are right now. If you're ready for a cocktail of emotion, excitement, and prestigious companions, you've come to the right place.