Hidden objective

You know only the starting point and the first destination. Everything else is shrouded in mystery. The route is revealed bit by bit. You will discover clues to the next part of the journey on your own or after completing the tasks that await you. Either way, you can always bet that the destination will be worthwhile.


Great experiences

To make the rides even more exciting, our team puts together a variety of competitive tasks and powerful stories. That way, each event brings different challenges, and you experience something new every time. Everything is carefully prepared and planned. You can choose the ride you want: a thrilling Opening, a revelatory Closing, or a relaxed one-day Meet & Greet ‒ soak up the atmosphere and let it draw you in.


The perfect routes

We take the utmost care when selecting specific roads. Forget highways ‒ get ready for the road less traveled, with all manner of twists and turns. Roads sure to thrill every driver with their variety. Throw in some great asphalt and beautiful views, and you'll encounter all-new driving experiences.


Interesting places

We choose our routes so you can discover the wonderful places around us -enchanting valleys, mysterious castles, and mountain passes. Or maybe legendary racing circuits, through wild nature and cosmopolitan cities. We'll take you to some of the most spectacular places, ones that often lie hidden off the beaten path.


Advantage Season ‒ adventure rides, healthy competition during stops, and friendly gatherings. The trophies for the most skilled go only to the ones who can best handle the tasks and challenges at the individual points.

These include complying with the rules of the road and good manners. No apologies.



We founded Advantage Cars in 1995 to provide our local clientèle with an opportunity to experience unique vehicles. Today, we are the leader in our field, and we know how to fulfill even the most challenging desires. And yet the driving force behind our endeavors has always remained the same ‒ it’s our love of impeccable machines. We bring this to the events we organize for our clients and motorist fans. After all, what good are impeccable machines without the experiences they bring?


We opened the Advantage Season website after several successful years of exciting motor tours in the style of a treasure hunt. At first, we just invited our friends and acquaintances, but soon we opened our world up to all customers of Advantage Cars. As the numbers kept growing, we kept adding new experiences throughout the year. And thus, Advantage Season was born.
Want to take a ride through our history?


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