experience RIDE

Wear your winnings  

At the beginning, you'll know where to hit the gas for the first time and where to stop. Don’t worry about what's next. You'll be with people who are on the same wavelength, and you'll get to know them while tackling challenges with your team. And who knows - you might just leave Prague with a cool trophy!


Discover asphalt gems

Bikers themselves have revealed to us the secret paths your chopper will love most. Get ready for asphalt as smooth as a carpet that weaves through the landscape, with views that remind you why you chose this lifestyle. With each challenge you master, you’ll find out where the next path leads.

Something to see

Good reasons to stop

The route remains secret, but after a few stops it will be clear that, during your one- or two-day adventure on two wheels, you will see, experience, and taste the best Czechia has to offer. Towns, castles, chateaus, hidden corners, virgin nature. All of this awaits you on a graceful ride.

Born To Ride & Have Fun


Instructions for the start will be sent to you by email no later than 30 June 2018.

Here you will also find information about service stations and a roadside assistance number in case you encounter any trouble on the way. 

You can sign up for the race on your own or in a group not to exceed 10 vehicles. Of course, you are welcome to seat anyone you want behind you.

Apart from experiences and possible winnings, you’ll bring pictures of the race from the photo-points you’ll find along the way.

Time doesn't matter in this race; after all, we’re on Harleys. The challenges determine the winners. 

And as in life, this ride is at your own risk.


Nights out on the town are fine, but you know how it is – where there’s a lot of lights, you can see everything. This night’ll be different.

The two-day trip includes a night out like you’ll never have in town: a real Czech-style pig roast with a keg of beer, live rock music, bikini babes, DJ for the evening and everything that goes with it. That’ll  get your juices flowing!

The package also includes accommodation, so you can be sure that you’ll have somewhere to crash at the end of it all. You’ll return to the scene of the action the next evening, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll miss it after the night before.      
Of course, with a one-day trip you can get back to Prague, so you can stay in your previous accommodation.

Preliminary plan

7:00 – 10:00 ongoing start
all-day “race your face” on-tour program incl. lunch
18:00 – 22:00 expected return to Prague 


Day 1

7:00 – 10:00 ongoing start
all-day “race your face” on-tour program incl. lunch

Evening - arrival at hotel, accommodation, wellness center, Perfect czech style BBQ, concert or a party and also Czech beer. 

Day 2

Breakfast, the all-day "race your face" on-tour program incl. lunch

18:00 – 22:00 expected return to Prague 


  • Sign up in time. The capacity of the race is limited.

  • The price includes the program for one or two days including refreshments. For the two-day ride this also includes a BBQ dinner, great party and quality bed for you and your bike. Breakfast. The price includes everything but drinks.

    The price is final, includes VAT, and is refundable only if the event is canceled by the organizer. The reason could be failure to achieve the minimum number of registrations for the event, for example.

Register by 30. 06. 2018

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