Places of interest.

In previous years, our routes have taken us to historic castles, trails in the tops of the trees, an automobile museum, and even a nuclear power plant. And because we ride for experiences more than speed, you have plenty of time to explore these locations at your leisure.

Beautiful views.

We take the same care to select views that will reveal themselves to you throughout the ride. We’ve seen mountain peaks reflected in the mirrored surface of an alpine lake, the deep foliage of the mountainous Tatra region through which a winding road twists and turns like a snake, or the perfect yet completely empty serpentine of the border regions of southern Saxony.

Special programs.

Occasionally, we link a destination with a program that becomes a high point we will remember fondly for some time. This might be an abandoned airstrip where you can take on a one-mile time trial; at other times you'll join us on a racetrack where you can try your hand at skidding or maintaining a precise average speed through challenging curves on mountain roads.

Quality accommodations.

The day is full of challenging trials, which is why a quality hotel awaits you at the end of each journey. We choose our venue to meet the standards that both we and our riders like. That way the conclusion brings a combination of luxurious accommodations, lavish wellness, delicious food, and an exciting space for the final gathering. It is at this moment that all emotions are put aside, and we share the experiences of the day's adventure with friends in comfortable surroundings.