We write our own scenarios for our events.

Each ride has a slightly different character and is framed by a different theme. This accompanies you every kilometer of the way. Sometimes the rides are linked to action stories, other times we go for creative challenges. For example, we’ve learned how to investigate crimes at waypoints using real forensic techniques, mastered wilderness survival as we fled an impending apocalypse, and put our skills to the test while exploring forgotten crafts.

Tasks lead to new discoveries.

We design the tasks at the waypoints to fit the story and to entertain. By now, we’ve worked with metal detectors and fired a range of weapons from bows and arrows to pistols, rifles, and even blowguns. We've experienced first-hand how to find drinking water in the middle of the wilderness or make a fire using flint, as well as how to dust for fingerprints or make casts of footprints. Practical tasks are usually carried out under the supervision of experienced professionals. Riders can even be surprised by admirable acting performances at waypoints rich with narrative.

Events and experiences.

We also cater to those who prefer less action-packed stories. That's precisely why we've created a photographic rally or a one-day excursion with a culinary finale. Whether it's about an adrenaline-fueled program or a calmer ride, each journey brings powerful experiences that push our drivers forward. This applies to both reaching the next checkpoint and to their abilities.