Step by step.

So how does it work in practice? At the start you get a passport, which will serve as your guide throughout the entire event. We start right on the first page by providing you with a guide to your first stop. It’s all you need to set off. The clues at the other waypoints will gradually lead you to the finish.

The journey is a quest.

Something is always required to reveal the next segments. Each event is slightly different in this respect. Sometimes tasks and challenges await you; other times you search for clues by GPS location. Even a clue itself might not become clear until you've properly examined it from all sides. Often it requires you to figure out or decipher a small riddle or code.

Driving blind.

You will take on some segments of the journey using a blind map. That means you will only receive instructions as part of a printed itinerary ‒ everything else is up to you. No worries: we always take care to ensure that all teams get where they need to go. Your skill alone will decide when that will be.